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Diamonds are one of the most beautiful and valuable gemstones that hardly anyone can ignore. Even though colorless diamonds possess their own unique charisma and appeal, more people are drooling over the fancy-colored diamonds these days. As a result of their breathtaking appeal, most celebrities opt to flaunt their colored diamonds rather than the colorless ones. This factor as well contributed to their immense popularity of fancy colored diamonds. Furthermore, fancy-colored diamonds are extremely rare when compared to their colorless counterparts making it an ideal option for all the diamond junkies who prefer to stand out from the crowd.  In fact, one out of every 10,000 natural diamond produced is colored. Even though people are familiar with around seven or ten shades of colored diamonds, the reputed laboratory GIA lists around 27 different diamond hues.

Colorless diamonds are actually formed by binding billions of carbon atoms in a particular way. Any slightest disturbance or quirk in this carbon atom setting will reflect on the external appeal of diamonds. Usually, diamonds may trap some foreign atoms during its crystallization process. It is to be noted that colored diamonds are typically formed when other metal atoms replace some of the carbon atoms in a diamond. Apart from this, the natural radiation process or changes in the electron structure as well can make diamonds colored.

However, natural fancy colored diamonds will be really expensive, especially the darker ones. Hence, buying dark colored fancy natural diamonds will be probably an impractical option for diamond buyers who are on a budget. Thankfully, there are many treatment methods through which you can enhance the color of a diamond. Note that color enhanced diamonds will be way affordable than their natural counterparts. If you are wondering about the formation of different colored diamonds, you may refer to the important points given below.

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are one of the most popular colored diamond options, obviously because of its appealing color. Diamonds got this beautiful pink hue as a result of a distortion in the crystal lattice of the gemstones. This distortion occurs as a result of intense heat and pressure applied on the diamond during its formation and it causes the carbon atoms within the diamond lattice structure to shift out of place. This will change the quality of the light reflected by the diamond and make it look pink because of its unique atomic configuration. Furthermore, a rose cut diamond loose represent characteristics such as love, eternity, romance, etc.

Red Diamonds

Red diamonds are one of the rarest colored diamond options and hence, will be phenomenally expensive. In fact, it is exceptionally challenging to find a 1-ct red diamond in the market making these colored diamonds even beyond the purview of celebrity life. Actually, red diamonds are the darker version of pink diamonds. As more number of carbon atoms shifting out of place, pink diamonds will become red. Note that red diamonds stand for passion, divinity, extreme emotions, and attitude.

Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are another incredibly rare and stunning option that you may consider. These diamonds got their inviting color as a result of the presence of boron atoms in their lattice structure. Note that boron atoms are extremely rare making blue diamonds even rarer. Obviously, the price of blue diamonds will go high with its color intensity, which, in turn, will go high with the number of boron atoms present. Alternately, some blue diamonds attain its color from the minerals like hydrogen and nickel as well. Blue diamonds tend to exhibit some secondary hues as well such as gray, purple, green, violet, etc., depending on the presence of other foreign atoms. Furthermore, blue diamonds indicate attributes such as passion, spirituality, chastity, mystery, etc.

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are currently one of the most raging diamond options in the field; all thanks to celebrities who dared to break the stereotype. Note that the black color was usually associated with unfortunate and inauspicious things at first and hence, was not a preferred or common choice. Plus, black diamond lacks sparkle unlike other colored diamonds. However, things have changed now and black diamonds have become the trendiest option. But, the cause of black color in diamonds is not yet discovered and the intense black diamonds are incredibly rare. Note that most black diamonds will be grayish rather than real black and then, the diamonds will be color enhanced to get a perfect black color.

Green Diamonds

Unlike other colored diamonds, green diamond got their color as a result of the irradiation process during its formation. Note that diamonds are formed under immense pressure and heat and as a result, the nearby rocks tend to radiate electrons, which will be trapped by some diamonds making them green. Since diamonds will have the green color only at their surface, some of this hue will go during the cutting and polishing process. Unsurprisingly, natural dark green diamonds are so rare that only ten loose cut diamonds or less coming to market every year will be green. Moreover, some green diamonds got their color as a result of the presence of nickel atoms as well.