An Overview of Different Diamond Shapes

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Diamond Cuts

Different Diamond Shapes

Almost all the diamonds that are sold in the market are round, which is traditionally the most preferred option in diamond shapes. However, there are many other fancy cuts available in the diamond industry too, such as oval, princess, pear, marquise, cushion, etc. Some of the most popular diamond cuts are explained below.

Round Cut

About seventy-five percent of all the diamonds sold in the market are of the round cut shape. Owing to the mechanics of the shape, the round cut diamonds are superior to the fancy shapes at reflection of light, and improve the potential brilliance and fire of the stone.

Princess Cut

The princess cut was first created in 1980 and has since been a popular diamond shape, especially in the case of engagement rings. Princess cut diamonds are also a good choice for their flexibility and suit well in almost any style of ring.

Marquise Cut

This is a football-like design, with long and narrow shape; this is why marquise cut diamonds offer the illusion of a bigger stone. Experts say that marquise diamonds have the largest surface area among all the fancy diamond cuts and can be a great choice if you are looking to increase the perceived size.

Pear Cut

This cut is a combination of marquise and round shape, with one of the ends being tapered. Pear shaped diamonds generally have great symmetry, the pointed end lining up with the apex of the rounded end of the diamond. At the same time, the shoulders and wings of the diamond form symmetrical and uniform curves.

Cushion Cut

This cut combines the square diamond cut with rounded corners, typically resembling the shape of a pillow. This cut has been around for about 200 years, yet has never lost its charm. In fact, for the first hundred years of existence, cushion cut was the most popular shape among diamond buyers.

Oval Cut

The oval cut shape is a modified round cut, yet features similar brilliance and fire as that seen in the traditional shape. However, in case of oval cut diamonds, they have an added advantage of an elongated shape, which offers the diamond an illusion of increased size.

Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds have a unique look because of the step cuts of the pavilion of the diamond and the large and open table. This cut offers a hall of mirrors effect, offering interplay of dark and light planes.