All You Want to Know About Emerald Cut Diamonds

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Loose Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald cut is an elegant and unique class of diamond cuts. It is an excellent example of step-cut diamonds and has small rectangular shaped facets that look similar to stairs or steps. Diamonds cut in this fashion will have a rectangular shape, and their elongated body gives them a special appeal.

Emerald cut diamonds emits brilliance and sparkle, but only in a subdued manner. Because of their particular shape, they appear larger than other diamond cuts, i.e., a loose emerald cut diamond will look larger than a round brilliant cut diamond of the same carat weight. Most commonly found emerald loose cut diamonds are rectangular, but they can also come in square shape.

When you purchase a loose emerald cut diamond, it is better to go for higher clarities, as their lack of brilliance will make it difficult to hide the inclusions. However, colored emerald cut diamonds will look better than colored diamonds with other fancy shapes. Therefore, even if you select a lower color emerald diamond, it won’t be necessarily a problem. Hence, even if you have to spend more for the high clarity, you can save this money if you select a lower color emerald diamond.

The origin of emerald cut

The origin of this particular cut traces back to the 1500s. A lot of modifications occurred to emerald cut since its origin. As years passed, the emerald cut succeeded in gaining wide popularity, especially with the rise of Art Deco. This cut helped to reduce the pressure during the cutting process; hence, it resulted in reduced chips in stones. The term “emerald cut” was officially used in the 1920s, andit was extremely popular at this point.

The perfect symmetry and clean lines of the emerald cut were deeply admired by people and they got jewelry set with these diamonds to go with the trend. Ever since then, this cut has remained a popular and trendy choice for women all over the world.

Best settings for emerald diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds goes with a wide variety of settings. However, two of the most widely spread settings are simple solitaire and halo. The sophistication of these diamonds make it a great choice for using it as the center stones in a solitaire setting and halo setting.

Other fantastic ring setting options for emerald diamonds are three stone rings and combinations of emerald and baguette diamonds. As the baguette diamonds look similar to emerald diamonds, this makes a great combination in engagement ring designs.