All you Need to Know about Chocolate Diamonds

Loose Princess Cut Diamond

Loose Princess Cut Diamond

Interesting Diamond Facts

The term “Chocolate Diamond” was coined in order to grab the attention of the buyers and was a very successful marketing strategy by the diamond dealers. It is, in fact yet another type of cognac or brown colored diamond. Under this, there are the natural brown diamonds and there are also the color treated diamonds. As you might understand the natural diamonds are more expensive than the treated diamonds due to their rarity. Below is a discussion about the chocolate-colored diamonds.

The Actual Value of Chocolate Diamonds

The truth is, most of the chocolate colored diamonds are treated ones. If this process is performed correctly, the color remains with the diamond permanently and is a good upgradation for the stones like loose princess cut diamond. However, as this is a relatively new process in the diamond market, most people are unaware of the processes. As a result, many of these diamonds are of low quality.

For a diamond to be converted to a high-quality colored one, it should preferably be an excellent white diamond. However, the majority of the diamonds are found to be of low quality. Poor quality diamonds are used often times to make these chocolate colored diamonds. This is because they are easier to find and much cheaper than normal ones.

Heavy Marketing

As a result, of marketing, people do not judge a chocolate diamond when compared to a white diamond. These are usually opaque in appearance and have little or no sparkle. Therefore, consumers have started to anticipate this because they are now used to it. Hence, the diamonds shown in the advertisements in print or digital media are rarely what you receive when you actually purchase the same piece.

Higher Quality Brown Diamonds

The hard truth is, diamonds with low brilliance and eye visible inclusions may not look any better after being color treated. In the processing stage, a valuable white diamond is used to create a vivid golden brown diamond. This can include any shape such as loose emerald cut diamond. When it comes to the creation of a grayish brown, muddy brown or a less vivid chocolate diamond, they use a lower quality diamond that costs less than half the price of a good one.

In case you prefer brown diamonds with rich golden brown color and sparkle, or looking for a single larger brown diamond as a center stone, it is advised to go for a cognac colored diamond.