A Short Guide On The Carat Weight Of Loose Cut Diamonds

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Loose-Cut Diamond

One of the important factors that you must consider when buying loose diamonds is their carat weight. Remember that the price of a stone increases exponentially as the carat weight increases. Also, stones with larger carat weight are more expensive because their rarity increases. For instance, the 18.96 carats Pink Legacy is the most expensive diamond in the world. Besides, to get the best value for money, you must balance your budget, expectations, and style. Read on to know more about the carat weight for the loose-cut diamond.

What Should Be The Carat Weight For An Engagement Ring Diamond?

When you are selecting diamonds for your engagement ring, consider carefully between the different carat weights. Remember that rings with small diamonds can also look elegant and beautiful. Also, certain settings and shapes can make stones look smaller or larger.

Note About Different Carat Weights

You must know that carat is a unit used for measuring the weight of diamonds, and not their size or dimensions.

0.10-0.40 Carats

Diamonds weighing below 0.50 cts usually cost under $1000. Although round-cut diamonds belonging to this category are under 5 mm across, they can have excellent sparkle. Moreover, very small diamonds weighing 0.10 cts can be used for making beautiful minimalist-style engagement rings.

0.50 Carats

0.50-carat diamonds are also called half-carat diamonds, and they are a popular choice for engagement rings. They are ideal for solitaire or halo settings and add great sparkle.

0.70 Carats

0.70-carat diamonds sit at the sweet spot in the scale of carat weights. It is suitable for those who are on a $2000 budget for their engagement ring.

0.90 Carats

0.90-carat diamonds are a popular choice among those who are looking for stones just below 1-carat. This is because they cost significantly less than a 1-carat diamond, and you can save on the engagement ring budget. Besides, you cannot note the difference between them. However, the high demand for 0.90-carat diamonds has caused a slight increase in their retail price.

1.00 Carat

1-carat diamonds are the most desirable ones, and this is especially true for round-cut diamonds. A 1-carat cushion-cut loose diamond can get you savings because it is a fancy shape. Moreover, the price of diamonds also depends on the clarity and color of the stone, and this is especially true for stones with lesser sparkle.