A Guide to Various Diamond Cuts

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Diamond Cuts

Various Diamond Cuts

The shape and contour of a diamond have a great impact on its overall appearance. You may know that round cut diamonds is the most popular choice among all the shapes, yet these days, people look for different varieties of cuts for their diamond rings as well. No matter which cut you choose, note that each of the cuts has unique traits, quality markings, and aesthetic properties. Given below is a guide to knowing the most common diamond cuts available in the market.

Round Cut Diamonds

The round cut diamonds are well known for their unrivaled brilliance and fire with exceptional light refraction properties. In addition, these cuts are more valuable when compared to all other diamond shapes.

Princess Cut Diamond

The princess cut offers a brilliance and fire right somewhat similar to round brilliant cut stones. It is a square shaped cut having 90-degree corners; the most precise cut will have a perfect square shape.

Emerald Cut Diamond

These diamond cuts are rectangular in shape and are distinguished by step facets and beveled corners. Emerald cut diamonds are more transparent than any other shapes and often come with higher clarity standards.

Radiant Cut Diamond

Introduced just twenty years ago, these cuts are relatively new. Radiant cuts are a hybrid of the classic round cut and the elegant emerald cut, thereby forming a cut with square or a rectangular orientation.

Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion cut diamonds have a rectangular or a square shape with rounded sides and corners. These diamond shapes are considered as a vintage version of the traditional round diamonds.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

The Asscher cut uses the same cutting techniques as that of an emerald cut. The main beauty of these diamond cuts is their uniquely cropped and angled corners that give them a timelessly elegant look.

Marquise Cut Diamond

The Marquise cut diamond is supposed to have been developed specially for King Louis XIV who asked for a diamond that could stimulate Marquise de Pompadour’s smile. These cuts have pointed ends and curved sides giving them a unique look.

Oval Cut Diamond

The number of facets in this cut is similar to that of a round cut diamond, and thus, has somewhat the same fire and brilliance. As this cut has an elongated shape, it appears larger than a round cut diamond of the same carat weight.

Pear Cut Diamond

Also referred to as teardrop or drop cut, this cut resembles a water droplet having a rounded end and an elongated tip. The resulting pear cut is thus a hybrid between a marquise cut and a round cut diamond.

Heart Cut Diamond

As the name tells, this cut features the shape of a heart symbol. Heart cut diamonds require more skill and expertise for creating a beautiful and symmetrical shape. This cut is obviously the most popular choice for engagement and wedding rings.