A Consumer’s Guide to Different Types of Diamonds

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Types Of Diamonds

Interesting Diamond Facts

It is a known thing that all diamonds are not formed alike. Most people usually consider the 4 C’s such as cut, color, clarity, and carat weight when it comes to diamond classification. Note that this is just the diamond grading attributes, not the diamond types.

The types of diamonds are mainly classified based on their chemical and physical properties. A good gemologist will be capable of telling whether a diamond is real or not by just looking its atomic makeup. Below are some in-depth details regarding the same.

Types of Diamonds

There are actually two different ways of classifying diamonds based on their types: consumer way and the GIA way. Below is a detailed explanation of diamonds types based on the consumers’ classification.

Natural Diamonds

This is the common diamond variety that most people think about when they hear of a diamond; that is, the colorless white variants. In fact, most pieces of diamond jewelry entail colorless diamonds and their price range will go up depending on their other specifics such as the presence of inclusions, carat weight, cut and brilliance, etc.

Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds

One of the most enchanting and rarest diamond types is their natural fancy colored variants. To be precise, the ratio of colored diamonds to colorless diamonds is 1:10000. These amazing diamond variants are available in all the rainbow colors, although blue, pink, and canary yellow diamonds are the most popular ones.

Treated Diamonds

The main intention of considering treated diamonds is to enhance the specifics of a diamonds artificially, especially the color quality and the clarity grade. Unlike popular belief, treated diamonds are also mined naturally. However, they tend to display a striking appeal since they are artificially manipulated. The main upside of considering these types of diamonds is that you can own a stunning natural diamonds at a comparatively lower price.

Manmade Diamonds

Another diamond type that is growing high in demand from the past few years is manmade diamonds or lab-grown diamonds. Unlike natural diamonds that are formed as a result of pressure and heat under the Earth’s crust, manmade diamonds are grown artificially in laboratories mimicking the same pressure and temperature.

You can expect superior qualities here such as no inclusions, highest color quality, etc., because these diamonds are grown under the supervision of expert gemologists. The main upside here is that manmade diamonds cost only half as that compared to their natural counterparts. You can even get rare colored diamonds in this category.