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Solitaire diamonds are among the most popular designs in the diamond market. They symbolize a spirit of brilliance and beauty. Whenever a solitaire is added to jewelry, it generally ends up adding to the item’s elegance. The word “solitaire” is used to describe ornaments comprising a single diamond, in that the latter is not accompanied by a side stone. While it is certainly a great choice to buy for a special occasion, there are many things you need to bear in mind before buying one. Below is a discussion on how to choose a solitaire diamond for your intended.

Things to Observe When Selecting a Solitaire

Solitaire diamonds stress the importance of minimalism. A single diamond is used on a solitaire ring, and its beauty is demonstrated with added focus. The quality of the stone used, and the features thereof, are vital factors when it comes to choosing a solitaire diamond ring. The 4 major factors to look at with regard to the stone are cut, clarity, carat, and color.


The cut is very important for a solitaire diamond. Some would argue this is the most important of all the properties you could think of. The brilliance and reflective quality of your loose princess cut diamond are revealed by its cut. The better its cut, the more attractive a diamond appears. If you want the highest amount of sparkle possible, you should go with the round brilliant shape. Next to that you have the oval and marquise cuts, which make the stone look larger.


Clarity is determined based on the imperfections found in a diamond. The internal glitches are called inclusions, while the external flaws are called blemishes. In some cases, these imperfections are so small they are invisible to the naked eye. Make sure to examine each diamond you consider thoroughly, and with a view to purchase a solitaire which rates low on number of flaws.


Diamonds of all hues are found in nature. Beginning with colorless diamonds, you get colors down the line ranging from light yellow to dark brown. Out of all those, colorless diamonds are considered the most valuable. They have a stunning quality of brilliance, and are therefore the most highly priced stones on the market. Colorless princess cut loose diamond prices would be higher compared to the tags you find on diamonds with more intense color. The more colorless a solitaire, the higher its value would be. If you are looking for a solitaire of high value, you should go in for a colorless one.

Carat Weight

Carat is the measure of weight of a stone scaled in metric carats. One carat equals 1/5 grams, and that is divided into 100 more points. This factor has no direct effect on beauty, although it does greatly influence the price of the stone. Stones of similar carat weight could be entirely different in price, due to the variations in cut, clarity, and color. It is generally advisable to choose the carat weight after looking at the other factors well.

Common Mistakes to Steer Clear Of When Buying a Solitaire

  • Not Choosing Certified Diamonds: One of the huge mistakes lots of people make while buying a solitaire diamond is avoiding certified diamonds altogether because they cost more. Certification is actually prepared by authorities in the industry, based on the quality of each diamond, which boils down to the famous 4 C’s comprising the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of the stone. You would get the exact value of each of these aspects, and also know if the diamond is natural or not. Reputed organizations that issue such certificates uphold and enforce strict and consistent criteria during evaluation. Overall, every buyer is better off buying a certified diamond in order to avoid being cheated. When looking at a collection, remember to ask specifically for certified diamonds and no others.
  • Not Taking the Time For Research: Buying your solitaire diamond in a rush is a big mistake, because that brings the chance of ending up with a low-quality stone. Avoid that by taking the time to understand diamonds in detail, and then look at your options again before finalizing a purchase. Understand the 4Cs well, and go by then to tell the good quality diamonds. Furthermore, decide what aspect to compromise on, in case you need to do that to keep things in budget.
  • Not Approaching A Reputed Retailer: The reputation of the retailer you are purchasing from can make a big difference on the diamond market. These dealers are generally more dependable and trustworthy. Besides, there is a very good chance that you will get the best quality diamonds this way. Furthermore, most reputed dealers also offer a repair guarantee on the products which they sell. On the other hand, if you approach a new retailer, these options may not be available to you.