A Complete Guide On Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby Diamond Rings

Ruby Diamond Rings

Ruby Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are the most popular choice for engagement rings. But currently, many people are avoiding the trend and have started preferring other vividly colored gemstones like rubies, emeralds, etc for their engagement rings. Rubies are bright red gemstones that were once used as the major gemstones in the jewelry of many kings and queens. Rubies can provide a unique and classic appearance to your engagement rings. Some people select ruby diamond rings because this setting can showcase the beauty of both rubies and diamonds in a single ring. More importantly, they can obtain a stunning engagement ring at an affordable price.

In this article, we are discussing ruby engagement rings and their features. First, let us discuss the features of ruby gemstones.

About Ruby Gemstones

As we already mentioned, ruby gemstones are red-colored gemstones. The red color of rubies can vary from cherry red to very dark red. Chromium traces in rubies are responsible for their bright red color. Blood-red rubies with purple and blue undertones are the most popular color shade of rubies. This type of rubies is also known as pigeon’s blood rubies.

If you want an unconventional, fresh, and modern engagement ring, you can definitely select ruby rings. You can select contemporary-shaped ruby ring settings or modern unique ruby ring settings for your engagement ring. Round and oval cuts are mainly used with ruby gemstones. If you are unsatisfied with round or oval cut rubies, you can find marquise, pear, or octagon cut rubies, but note that they can be a little more expensive.

Ruby Engagement Rings: Pros And Cons

The major problem with many gemstones is that they are less durable when compared to diamonds. But you don’t have to worry about rubies because they offer higher hardness than most gemstones. The Mohs hardness scale reading of rubies is a solid 9. This value indicates that rubies can show good resistance against wear and tear.

By selecting a ruby engagement ring, you get a ring that stands out from common engagement rings. This can give you more attention than when using a traditional diamond engagement ring.

The cost of rubies can vary from very affordable to very high costs. Rubies are generally costlier than other gemstones except for diamonds. Rubies with Pigeon’s Blood Red color are very famous and in order to acquire one, you have to spend a humongous price.