A Buying Guide For Trillion Cut Diamond

Trillion Cut Loose Diamond

Trillion Cut Loose Diamond

Trillion Cut Loose Diamond

A trillion cut loose diamond could be a terrific solution for you if you’re seeking for a diamond that would catch the eye. These diamonds, also known as trilliant or triangle diamonds, have a huge face-up size and affordable costs. The problem that many people usually face is that finding trillion cut diamonds can be challenging, let alone finding a good quality one.

Since trillion cut diamonds are usually used as side diamonds, they don’t require as much attention to cut, clarity, or color as a center diamond. In general, diamonds that are flawless and look colorless in comparison to their setting are considered the best.

Trillions Cut Diamond: Characteristics

One of the main features of a trillion loose cut diamond is that it has a triangular shape. All three sides will be equal also. The shape also has a flat table, just like a round brilliant cut diamond. The trillion cut is recognized for its stunning brilliance, intense fire, and contemporary look. A trillion-cut diamond will become exceptionally stunning as a side stone or a center stone, if it is cut to a high standard.

Based on whether they’ll be used as a center or side stone, trillion cut diamonds can have different cuts and shapes. For using it as a center stone in a solitaire setting, the trillion-cut diamond is usually cut to have facets. To increase the diamond’s visual size, center trillion diamonds usually have a gentle curve or convex form.

Are They Expensive?

Trillion-cut diamonds, like other diamond cuts, can vary greatly in price depending on their 4Cs. The cost of diamonds rises exponentially with size, so if you’re searching for a very huge diamond, expect to pay substantially more per carat. The price of a trillion-cut diamond can vary depending on the style of setting, the number of accent diamonds, and the total carat weight because most trillion cut diamonds are part of a ring setting. Also, trillion-cut diamonds as center stones are extremely rare, which makes them expensive.

Some Tips To Buy Trillion Cut Diamond

Typically, the ideal option is a three-stone ring with trillion-cut diamond embellishments. This gives you the modern look of a trillion cut but with a greater assortment of center diamonds.

Diamonds that are trillion cut are frequently cut shallow. Because more of the diamond’s weight is divided horizontally rather than vertically, this aids in generating the illusion of a bigger diamond.

There’s no need to splurge for a flawless clarity diamond, especially in a shape like a trillion cut, which hides flaws and inclusions nicely.