A Brief Guide To Rose Cut Diamonds

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Rose Cut Diamond Loose

Rose Cut Diamond Loose

Invented in the 16th century, the rose cut is one of the oldest diamond cuts in history. Many historians believe that this particular cut was originated in India and eventually came to Europe and there it got different versions. As the name suggests, the cut resembles a rose flower. The rose cut has a special place in the history of diamonds because the rose cut was one of the first diamond cuts to have facets.

The authentic antique rose cuts are very rare today but if you see a billboard saying authentic loose rose cut diamonds for sale anywhere, you should definitely check it out. Even though it fell out of fashion due to the introduction of more advanced diamond cuts, many people are still looking for this traditional diamond cut.

The recent trend is showing that the rose cut diamond is slowly gaining popularity in the market. According to some website, the sales of rose cut loose diamond is growing steadily. Let’s take a look at some of the main features and advantages of rose cut diamonds.

Important features Of Rose Cut Diamonds

One of the main features of the rose cut diamond is its shape itself. The diamond has a flat bottom and high-rising dome that is faceted. There will be around 3-24 triangular-shaped facets in a rose cut diamond that are arranged around the dome. When you compare round brilliant cut with rose cut, you will see that both of them are almost opposite to each other. Rose cuts are available in a wide range of variations.

Advantages Of Rose Cut Diamonds

The main benefit of a rose cut diamond is that it makes the diamond appear bigger than its actual carat weight. This will allow you to save money. The main reason for its bigger appearance is that we can see all the surface of the diamond and the ring setting does not hide any part of it. Another benefit is that it is available in multiple shapes. If you do not like round shapes, you can go with a square or hexagonal shape.

The clear and large facets of the rose cut emphasize the color of the gemstone. This makes rose cut perfect for any type of stone, including rubies, moonstone, sapphires, emeralds, morganites, citrines, etc. It is the ideal choice for people who are looking for a clean, clear-looking diamond. The exceptional fire and dispersion of rose cut allow it to stand out from all the other diamond cuts.