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Guide To Yellow Diamonds

There has been a considerable increase in the sales and demand of fancy colored diamonds over the last few years. The unique color and stunning appeal of fancy colored diamonds are just a few reasons why they are immensely popular among brides, including famous Hollywood celebrities and fashion icon. If you are planning to buy a fancy colored diamond for your loved one, then a yellow diamond will be one of the best options available to you in the market.

It is seen that some customers are a little bit hesitant to buy colored diamonds, as they are very expensive when compared to colorless diamonds. This means that average buyers and budget shoppers might not have the budget to buy fancy colored diamonds. If that is the case, then you should consider looking for yellow colored diamonds, as they are the most affordable fancy colored diamonds available out there.

Yellow diamonds, which are popularly known as canary diamonds, are one of the commonly purchased fancy colored diamonds these days. Moreover, yellow canary diamonds are a popular engagement ring gemstone choice of several women too. A number of famous celebrities in Hollywood including Paris Hilton, Adele, and Carrie Underwood were spotted wearing yellow canary diamond engagement rings.

Yellow diamonds are cheap when compared to other colored stones because they are discovered in several mines all around the world. In fact, approximately 60 percent of all naturally occurring fancy colored diamonds are yellow. The distinct yellow color of naturally occurring yellow diamonds is due to the presence of nitrogen atoms in the stone during its formation process. The nitrogen atoms present in these stones changes the structure of the carbon atoms that are present within the yellow diamonds.

In addition to that, the impurities present within yellow colored diamonds alter the way in which these stones absorb light. This in turn changes the hue of naturally occurring yellow diamonds. The carbon atoms within these stones are arranged in a particular way to absorb blue light, which is responsible for the striking yellowish hue of canary diamonds.

Famous Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds that are found in the crust of the Earth are often available in a wide variety of color tones, sizes, and shapes. Three of the most expensive and famous yellow diamonds that were mined from the Earth are the following.

  • The Sun of Africa Yellow Diamond: This is one of the most famous yellow diamonds known to man. The carat weight of this mysterious yellow stone is rumored to be more than 127 carats. This stunning yellow diamond was discovered from the Kimberly mines of Africa and it was later moved to Holland for cutting and polishing.
  • The Florentine Diamond: This is a breathtaking yellow colored stone of size 137.27 carats. This fascinating double rose cut yellow canary diamond has 126 facets and 9 sides. Diamond cutters and other experts in the field of diamond industry have not yet traced the exact location of this small yet unique yellow canary diamond.
  • The Kahn Canary Diamond: This is one of the more commonly known yellow diamonds out there. Initially discovered at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, the carat weight of this Internally Flawless yellow gemstone is estimated to be around 4.25 cts. It features a unique triangular pillow shape as well.

Synthetic Yellow Diamonds

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An important thing to note while buying yellow diamonds should is that there are also man-made or synthetic diamonds available in the market. Some jewelers often sell synthetic and naturally occurring diamonds together, and customers who are new to the world of diamond shopping might not be able to tell the difference between these stones, as they usually look exactly the same.

If you are stuck in such a confusing and difficult scenario, you should request the seller to show the certification documents of your preferred yellow diamond. The certification documents contain all the information about the diamond, such as its cut, clarity, color, carat size, and more. In addition to that, you will be able to learn whether the stone is synthetically produced or if they underwent any color enhancement procedures.

Some customers, particularly the ones who have never shopped for diamonds in their lives, might be wondering what synthetic yellow diamonds really are. In simple words, synthetic yellow diamonds can be defined as the yellow colored diamonds that are manufactured in laboratories with the help of artificial processes.

Most of the synthetic yellow diamonds available in the market do look exactly similar to their real counterparts. In addition to that, even some of the chemical properties of synthetic yellow diamonds will be similar to real ones. However, lab created gemstones will be available at relatively lower prices when compared to naturally occurring yellow diamonds, which gives it away that they are man-made.