3 Common Misconceptions about Diamonds

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The radiant and fiery naturally occurring gemstones, diamonds are the most loved engagement ring gemstone choice of several brides including Hollywood celebrities and fashion icons. Diamonds are arguably the most popular and priced gemstones available in the market. Unsurprisingly, these fascinating gemstones are also considered as the symbol of timeless romance and everlasting love.

Customers who are planning to buy diamond rings will be amazed and surprised to hear the myths and misconception about the famous gemstone. Some of the widely popular misconceptions that you will probably hear from diamond ring sellers and merchants are the following.

Diamonds are Very Rare

It is true that naturally occurring diamonds are very precious and hard to find but that does not mean that these gemstones are that rare. In fact, diamonds are one of the most commonly found gemstones on the Earth. However, the issue is that only a small percent of the naturally occurring diamonds can be used for jewelry and other purposes. This is why several customers believe that diamonds are very rare. Note that colored diamonds, such as blue and red diamonds, are extremely rare though, which is why they are quite expensive.

Diamonds are an Ancient Symbol of Love and Marriage

Diamonds have been an ancient symbol of marriage and love is another common misconception that you will hear when you are shopping for diamond engagement rings. The reality is that diamonds were considered as the symbol of true love and commitment shortly after an advertising campaign launched by DeBeers in the 1930’s. The campaign tried to create a link between romance and diamonds and they were highly successful in that. This in turn increased the popularity of diamond engagement rings among couples.

Diamonds are Derived from Coal

One of the prevalent misconceptions several people believe about diamonds is that these gemstones are formed from coal. You need to realize the fact that diamonds are not superheated pieces of coal; instead, these gemstones are made of carbon atoms. Diamonds are often found in coalmines and deposits though, which is why some people believe that diamonds are formed from coal.

You should also remember that diamonds are not indestructible even though they are the hardest substance available on the Earth. Diamonds will surely get damaged, broken, and chipped if they are exposed to adverse conditions or handled inappropriately.